Bad Effect – Be Careful Gambling Spends Your Money

Gambling is something that is specifically prohibited in Indonesia, even in all countries in the world. It is not without reason that all countries prohibit gambling from circulating in their territory because they realize that gambling spends your money and whosever play it.

Gambling itself is a game that involves betting in it, where a gambler who wins will take the property of a gambler who loses.

Gambling itself has been officially banned by the government since the emergence of a law that officially prohibits Indonesian citizens from gambling, and stipulates gambling as something that is a criminal act.

Just like narcotics, gambling in Indonesia also has a detrimental effect on the next generation. Even the government itself does not hesitate to crack down on gambling in the country like cracking down on narcotics.

This was taken by the government because gambling itself has a bad impact or effect on individuals and society. Where if this is allowed it is not impossible that many people will suffer from the bad effects caused by gambling.

The government has explicitly said it will wage war to crush gambling circulating in Indonesia. Even the government does not hesitate to ensnare gamblers with very severe legal threats if caught doing gambling.

We can see that there are now many gamblers who have been arrested by the authorities and have been sentenced to severe legal threats, staying in prison for a long time.

There are 2 types of gambling that are currently circulating in the community, including online gambling and offline gambling. These two gambling games both have actors or fans of each in quite a large number.

Online gambling is a gambling that can be done online only by using the internet and smartphones. While offline gambling is gambling that is played face to face, played directly without using media such as computers or laptops and cellphones. Whatever it is, gambling spends your money more than you expect! Be ware


Be careful with gambling, because gambling spends your money. How come? This is because gambling is a betting game in which the winner takes property or money. If your money runs out, your life is miserable and aground.

Gambling spends your money is real, because when you just start gambling you already have to spend money. For example, if you want to play online gambling. First you have to register first by placing money as a bet. After that you will start playing. If you lose, it means you will add more bet money.

You will try the next experiment by raising the bet which turns out to be not a win that you get, but a loss. This is because an online gambling site is definitely regulated where the system will give a greater defeat than the victory for the gamblers.

Online gambling circulating among the public today includes online poker gambling, online dominoes game, game slot online  and many more. Of all the types of gambling, it is a gambling that is being played by many people.

Stop gambling from now on to be able to save your finances, use your money for something more useful and positive than just being used for gambling that does nothing for you.

You can use your money as venture capital, or save for the future instead of gambling. As we discussed above that gambling spends your money, so use that property for useful things only.