Welcome the Highest Paid Soccer Players Worldwide 2021

The highest-paid soccer players are always interesting to find out. However, the names remain the same during the past five years. Similar players still gain a high amount of salaries, as they are still actively playing for giant clubs, regardless of the salary cut.

Keep in mind that the listed salaries are pure salaries, without their bonuses and earnings from the endorsement, sponsorship, and their likes. Who are those richest players?

10. Robert Lewandowski

This Bayern Munich player obtains USD 483,000 each week. He can be the sole Bundesliga player that is on the highest-paid soccer players list. He obtained the 2020 FIFA Men’s Player of the Year. The Polish striker has been the best foreign scorer in Germany.

9. David de Gea

This Spanish player has been the darling of Manchester United. His salary reaches USD 517,000 each week. It is amazing when there is a goalkeeper with the highest salary worldwide. He was once playing for Atletico Madrid before Manchester United signed him.

8. Kevin de Bruyne

This player will stay at Manchester City for a long time as the club doesn’t mind paying him USD 531,000 per week. This new midfielder has just signed a renewed contract with City, in which he has been playing for this club for the last six years. This Belgian becomes one of the highest-paid soccer players in the century.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo

Wondering why this ‘new’ Manchester United player is only listed in the seventh rank? Well, it could be because MU ‘only’ afford – USD 531,000 per week. Still a fantastic wage though. Yet, his wealth is infinite as he has lots of businesses and still becomes the ambassador of various products.

6. Kylian Mbappe

Paris Saint-Germain doesn’t want to release him to Real Madrid and is willing to pay USD 566,000 per week. Even if his salary is classified as the lowest one in the club, Mbappe is still gaining such a fantastic amount of salary.

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5. Gareth Bale

Many people were wondering why Bale still gets USD 690,000 per week from Real Madrid, though his performance might be decreasing. But, Bale’s existence remains important for the team, as Ancelotti still trusts him in becoming the main player.

4. Antoine Griezmann

There is no doubt that this man will become the main player that replaces the position of Messi. Obtaining more than USD800 per week, he is ready to prove his existence in the club.

3. Luis Suarez

His salary is almost similar to Griezman’s. As a competitor, this Atletico Madrid player really can prove his best performance this year. The absence of Messi in La Liga this season can bring a great chance for Atletico Madrid to reach the victory.

2. Neymar

Of course, nobody doubts the salary of this PSG’s star. Last year, PSG paid a very high transfer fee for this player. This Brazilian striker may have big salaries in the team. Yet, his wealth might not surpass Ronaldo when it comes to endorsement and sponsorship salaries.

1.  Lionel Messi

There is no doubt that Messi is the highest-paid player of Paris Saint-Germain that gets more than USD 1 million per week. Period.

So, let’s check how these highest-paid soccer players can maintain their performances. They should prove that they are worth the high amount of money. 

Source: Unogoal