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3 Differences Between Ceme Poker Online And Domino QQ

Ceme poker online is one of gambling games that are quite popular in Asia. This card game can be found easily on many popular gambling sites. Basically, ceme poker has a pattern and rule of playing that are similar to domino QQ. But both of them have differences in some points. 

For those of you who still don’t know what the difference between ceme poker online and domino QQ is, through this article, we are going to explain it to you. Are you ready to know?.

The Differences Between Ceme Poker Online And Domino QQ

There are some points that make ceme poker different from domino QQ. Those points are:

Maximum Players

Ceme poker and domino QQ have differences in maximum players that can play. Based on rules of Domino QQ, Domino QQ can only be played by maximum 6 players and minimum 2 players. But ceme poker allows more players to play. Based on the rule of Ceme poker, the maximum players can play in a game is 8 players and minimum 2 players.

Player’s Card

Another difference between ceme poker and domino QQ is in total cards that are given to players. Based on basic rules of Domino QQ, each player in the game is given 4 cards in their hand. But in Ceme Poker, the dealer is going to give each player 2 cards.

Player Vs Dealer

The last difference between ceme poker and domino QQ is in the option in play. In the beginning of ceme poker game, players are going to play against the dealer. So they needed to show their cards and make sure that cards have higher value than dealer’s. Players are going to win the game if they have better cards (cards with higher value) than dealers.

In Domino QQ games, players will play against each other. They are going to get the best card combination with the highest value to defeat other players. Player with the best combination card (highest value in game) is going to be the winner of the game.

Play Ceme Poker Online And Domino QQ on a Trusted Gambling Site!

If you want to try and have an amazing experience in playing ceme poker or domino QQ, there are many gambling sites that you can visit. But we hope that you can be careful in choosing which site you are going to play.

For your information, there are many gambling sites that are scammers. They trick gamblers with many promotional things such as minimum top up, chance to win easily. So make sure you don’t get trapped.

For this case, we recommend you only choose gambling sites that use trusted gambling providers like IDNPlay. This gambling provider is quite popular in the world and usually used in many professional gambling sites. It is going to be a safe option to choose gambling site that uses this gambling provider.

This gambling provider also provides a lot of types of gambling games that you can play besides ceme poker online and domino QQ, such as capsa susun, black jack, poker and many others. So you will have a lot of fun. / Aha

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