Black Diamond Casino Review, An Online Slot Game by Zynga

Black Diamond Casino Review, An Online Slot Game by Zynga

Are you looking for recommendations for online slot game that can be played in your spare time or during breaks? If so, then a slot game called Black Diamond Casino can be one of the slot game choices that you try.

Black Diamond Casino is an online slot game developed by the gaming company “Zynga”. For those of you who quite often play casino-themed games, of course, you know the name of this game developer.

Zynga can be called one of the game developers who are quite diligent in developing and distributing slot machine themed games. Black Diamond Casino is also a series of slot games distributed by Zynga on Playstore.

Based on our search on the product page, this one game can be said to be quite popular among Android users. It is noted on its product page that this slot game online has been played by more than 1 million Android users. But what is really interesting about this game?

So on this occasion, we will provide a little review of this Black Diamond Casino online slot game. Curious? If so, just take a look at the full review below.


The advantages of the Black Diamond Casino Online Slot Game

In the first part of our review, we will discuss a little about the advantages or advantages offered by the Black Diamond Casino slot game. In appearance, this slot game has a simple game design and interface. However, the graphics quality of the game is very good.

Having a simple game interface on your own is actually not a bad thing. The reason is, this can actually help new players to understand how to play slot games. Apart from having stunning graphics, this Black Diamond Casino slot game offers a wide selection of slot machine games, from authentic to Hollywood themed.

Not only that, this online slot game also offers lots of bonuses. For new players, this Black Diamond Casino slot game has 30 million free coins as welcome bonuses. This game even offers hourly bonuses that players can claim every hour.

Weaknesses of the Black Diamond Casino Slot Game

Now we are going to review the problem of shortcomings or weaknesses of this Black Diamond Casino game. We ourselves do not find any fatal flaws in this slot game. This game doesn’t even contain ads which is usually the thing that many android users complain about.

However, several reviews on the product page of this game state that there are a number of bugs and errors in the previous version of the Black Diamond Casino game.

However, Zynga as the developer of this game himself is quite responsive and is quite diligent in making updates to solve these bugs and errors. This is done of course so that players get a more enjoyable experience playing slots.

Smartphone Specifications of Playing Black Diamond Casino Online Slot Games

To be able to play the Black Diamond Casino online slot game, the Android Smartphone specifications you need are not too high. Based on the information on the product page, this Android game can be played on smartphones with a minimum Android OS version 4.1.

Of course, besides having a Smartphone with adequate specifications, you also have to provide free memory (free space) on your Android Smartphone. The minimum free memory you need to install this game is at least 80MB (according to the file size of this game), preferably a little more.

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That’s our review about one of the online slot game made by Zynga. For those of you who want to try this Android slot game, you can download it directly on the Playstore and of course for free. Hopefully this review is entertaining and helpful. Thank you.