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What does QQ in DominoQQ Mean?

QQ in DominoQQ – Does the player know how to read QQ in Dominoqq? Apparently, the player could read his alphabetical aka ‘Kiu Kiu’. Why should the pulp name follow from QQ? What is the true meaning of Kiu Kiu Aka QQ? How did Kiu Kiu distinguished this game with Domino and other gambling games?

QQ in DominoQQ Mean

QQ or read ‘Kiu Kiu’ in the name Domino QQ has a meaning 99. Thus, the conclusion can be drawn that a Q (KIU) is nine. This vocabulary was exempt from there where this game was born, China. Because Kiu said he sounded strange, so many traders wrote it with ‘q’ to make it easier to make it and remember.

Writing with QQ is not obligatory. There is also a dealer who has written it immediately with 99. So when the player is looking for DominoQQ bandar, the player can also choose the bookie, who calls this game called Domino99. Can guaranteed games and rules are the same, even if their names are different.

What does QQ in DominoQQ Mean?

Why is QQ important?

As already mentioned, the meaning of Q nine is. Well, this number can be as a DominoQQ online game icon. In addition to the name of the game, to clearly shown that the number of nine is the largest number of Dominoqq. So that its role is very important during the game.

Just like Baccarat, DominoQQ only accepts the last digit of the total value received. Since the largest number in this game is nine, the number in the last digit is the final value when the total nine exceeds. For example, if the total combination of the player card 11, the actual value of the combination is one. Easy, right?

Then the story, why is Kiu Kiu mentioned twice in the name of Dominoqq? The reason also hangs together with the rules of the game of this game. In DominoQQ games, players need not only produce one but two combinations at the same time.

The combination requires only one pair of cards, so that this game is not wasteful from cards. Since the highest value in this game is nine, it is logical if the player will definitely win when the two combinations received have nine grades. Therefore, this game DominoQQ, not just Dominoq.

DominoQQ Game Difference with other Card Games

When using a trusted QQ Online agent, this game can rely on that you play with the same original money like gambling in general. However, the value of Q and the rules contained in this game distinguish it from others.

If you have tried the DominoQQ game and other popular gambling gambling games, players will definitely recognize that these rules are a combination of baccarat and poker games. We can see in the previous points, DominoQQ has several aspects of baccarat rules, nine card value of nine and existence of two card combinations that need to be addressed.

However, since the players have to take care of the two combinations themselves, and compare the results with other players, this game also has a similarity with poker. In fact, the choice of missions is more or less the same as poker. And we can see that the combination of the two rules of this game not only Dominqq Plot, but different games from other games from other card games. / Dy

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