What is Deal or No Deal Game

What is Deal or No Deal Game

The live Deal or No Deal game is a groundbreaking live game from the successful casino software provider Evolution Gaming. The game is based on John de Mol’s game show of the same name, which has been broadcast on TV internationally in more than 55 countries.

Evolution Gaming has once again shown with Deal or No Deal Live that they have a special talent for releasing new, innovative casino games. This yields new titles, such as Monopoly Live and Lightning Dice, among others. These games will continue to challenge even the most seasoned gambling enthusiasts.


The Aim of Deal or No Deal game

The idea behind Deal or No Deal game is simple. You play the game where you have to open a number of suitcases every turn. Each suitcase is worth a certain amount of money, but you don’t know how big this amount is until you open the suitcase. One of the suitcases is yours.

Your goal is to sell your briefcase to the Bank. You want to receive the highest possible offer from the Bank for your suitcase, while the Bank’s goal is to buy your suitcase for the lowest possible price. The offer you ultimately accept from the Bank is the price you take home. So the game is partly about luck and partly about negotiating with the Bank.

Every round of the game you as a player get a choice between two options. You can choose to sell your suitcase to the Bank, for the amount offered by the Bank. You then make a deal with which you are guaranteed to go home with the money amount of the bid.

Deal or No Deal Game: The Pre-Game Qualifier

At the start of the Deal or No Deal game you must first qualify for the main game. You do this by playing a pre-game. You get 2 minutes for this. During this qualifying pre-game, a timer will start to show how much time you have left.

In the qualifier pre-game, you will be presented with a safe that is locked with three gold rings. You need to unlock the top quadrant of the three gold rings. You can choose three levels for this game of chance: normal, easy or very easy. Keep in mind that the easier the game, the higher the minimum bets are. 

An easy qualification gives more guarantee that you can participate in the main game, but usually costs you more money. Each easier level is 3 times more expensive in terms of bets than the previous level.

When you’re done, you may have some time left. In that case, you can take an extra gamble on the Wheel of Fortune during the pre-game. With this you can try to increase the value of various briefcases from the main game. You choose the number of the suitcase you want to refill. 

Deal or No Deal Game : Main Game

You can win as much as 500 times your stake for your main case, but this is not certain. The exact amount in your suitcase remains a surprise, both for you and for the Bank. The longer you stay in the game, the higher the bids will receive from the Bank. The studio is beautifully decorated and the game leader will open the chosen suitcases.

The basic rules and steps of the deal or no deal game are as follows:

  • There are 16 suitcases in total. The lowest-price suitcase contains 1 cent, while the highest-price suitcase can yield 500 times your stake.
  • Three suitcases disappear in the first game round. After that, the Bank makes its first offer. You can accept or refuse this offer. Be quick, you get 10 seconds to change your mind.
  • In the second game round you open 4 suitcases and receive a new offer from the bank.
  • With ‘No Deal’ you simply continue to the third game round, where four more suitcases are opened.
  • If you still did not want to make a deal with the Bank after the third round, you will end up in the fourth round of the game. 

Live Deal or No Deal Game

It knows how important it is to offer a 24/7 service as an online casino. This allows players from different countries to try out the game when it suits them. As it should be with a Live Casino game, you can play this game 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

There are always game leaders present with whom you can start a new game, after you have played the qualifying pre-game. What is special about Deal or No Deal Live is that you can communicate directly with the game master and other players via the chat, making the game more approachable to the feeling of a real game show. 

The game has been adapted for the environment of an online casino, but still manages to effortlessly convey the atmosphere of the TV show to the player. The special interface developed by Evolution Gaming ensures a perfect reproduction of the studio and the game sounds.

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