Joker Millions Slot

3 Best Review of Joker Millions Slot

On the Joker Millions slot you have a chance to win millions of dollars with a bet from $0.25. Joker Millions is an online slot from the young Swedish game maker Yggdrasil.

It is not just an online slot, but one with a progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that rises happily until the jackpot hits. You know this principle from  Mega Millions Jackpot.

The jackpot of the Joker Millions slot is at least $100,000, but in practice it is a million-dollar jackpot. Since its introduction at the end of 2015, the top prize has gone out four times, averaging $1.8 million.

Currently, the jackpot on Joker Millions stands at $4,575,926. Indeed, an exciting moment to play 1000 spins on it for the slot review!.

Review Joker Millions Slot

1. How Does Joker Millions Work?

Joker Millions is a beautiful and very easy to play slot machine. The slot has five reels, three rows, and twenty-five paylines. The minimum bet is $0.25. This gives you a chance to win millions on every spin.

You play with the old familiar slot machine symbols: a seven, a bell, a melon, a cherry, a plum, an orange and a lemon. There is also a joker and that’s it.

Special: if you spin a winning combination, it remains and you get a free re-spin. If you spin at least one matching symbol, you get another free spin. At the end of the re-spins, the slot machine will pay out your prize.

You also get a multiplier if the first two, three or four reels are filled with the same symbol. This system also appears on other Yggdrasil games, such as Fruitoids .

2. How to Win The Jackpot in Joker Millions?

Remarkably, the joker is not wild, the joker does not count for other symbols.

So what does the joker do? If you spin at least one joker on every reel, the Jackpot Spin starts. All jokers remain and you get a free re-spin. If at least 1 joker is added, you get another free re-spin. Until you no longer spin any new jokers.

Do you spin 15 jokers during the Jackpot Spin? Then you win the dominoqq Joker Millions jackpot.

If you fail to spin the entire screen full of jokers, you still win a cash prize for each joker, ranging from 5x to 2500x your bet per payline. That can still add up!.

3. The 1000 Spins in Joker Millions

To test the Joker Millions slot, we played 1000 spins in a row with the minimum bet of $0.25 per spin.

While playing, the first thing that stands out is the pleasant, funky soundtrack of the slot. A jazz-like soundtrack that makes you happy. In addition, Joker Millions often gives big prizes.

We have barely been playing for ten minutes when six cherries appear on the paylines. So: a free re-spin. In addition, more and more cherries are added. Until all the rolls are full of cherries. Tadaa!.

The price: $37.50. With a bet of a quarter. The re-spins give many more tasty prizes, for example two times $25. Top. But let’s not lose sight of the jackpot…

During the 1000 spins, we get exactly ten times the Jackpot Spin. One of those ten times we are very close: 12 jokers in the picture… But the 13th, 14th and 15th joker unfortunately do not show up.


So no jackpot, but after 1000 spins it turns out that no pot of fat has been lost. After two hours of fun and exciting play, the loss is $13.82.

In conclusion, the Joker Millions slot is very exciting to play. Of course because from a quarter you already have a chance to win millions of dollars. 

However, there are also many ‘normal’ large prizes that make your balance jump in one fell swoop.

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